Sunday, November 9, 2008

Productive & Social

Well … I had a very productive and social weekend - totally enjoyable. I actually ‘created’ AND I had fabulous company all weekend. Above are two samples of what I produced - Card from Saturday & Microscope slide from Sunday.

Saturday was a card making day for me - with a friend (Janice - my old high school bud) popping over for the afternoon/evening then another friend (Yvonne Rice from VicStampers) dropped by to pick up an order and stayed to ‘play’ too later that evening.

Today (Sunday) - I had a few people over from VicStampers seeing as there was no VicStampers meeting this month. I had organised Erica, who’s the Jewellery/Metalwork teacher from the school where I work, to give us a lesson on ‘soldering/tinning’ using the solder and flux method (non resin core). I’ve also done soldering with Jenny Crossley, but I picked up a few more tips via Erica and I feel more confident with soldering and using this method. Today’s attendees were - Bevlea Ross, Glenda Laing, Joan McAlpine, Kaye Wolf, Joy Welsh and myself (of course!). Erica was most impressed with us all and said we were so easy to teach - she too enjoyed it. Well all had fun - a great day!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

1-4-1 Card Swap - VicStampers

Just made this card above this afternoon/evening for a VicStampers 1-4-1 Card Swap ... thought it a hoot (I'm easily amused - I guess). The leaf covering the 'lower anatomy' is slightly raised which added to my 'humour' (ie: grin) ... don't think the reduced scan shows it's 'full potential' - lol. I'll be making five more and will post out this weekend. Putting it up now as I don't 'advertise' my Blog - so I feel confident no one from VicStampers (who's participating in the 1-4-1 Swap) will see it till they get it in their mail - hopefully Monday.
On Saturday I made six cards on the 'conservativ'e side - *what an achievement*! Then Sunday I woke with a sore back and suffered with it for three very long days - absolutely no fun is an understatement. I've picked up today but I'm still taking it easy for the next few.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thank you - Lucy!

It pays to be complimentary (and sincere) … literally! Above is a beautiful example of one of Lucy Leatham’s ‘works of art’ that was gifted to me - all because I commented on her Blog on how much I liked it. How generous is she … and … lucky me! What a pal … thanks heaps Lucy … it’s now residing in a very appreciative home - mine!

Had Friday off from work this week - *yay*. I had a ‘Day in Lieu’ owing - which I was going to save for the Monday of Cup Weekend … but our new Principal does ‘not approve’ of that (*boo - hiss*) - so it’s school as normal for all staff (I’ll put money on - that there won’t be many students at school on that day!). Apart from no ‘four day long weekend’ - he’s an ok guy.

So … it was off to Paperific instead. I thoroughly enjoyed it even though we didn’t stay all that long as Bev had/has a sore back and seeing as I did enough damage to my purse in the mere three hours we were there it was a good enough reason for vacating fast - lol. Nice venue, Melbourne Show Grounds, but I also liked it at Caulfield Race Course.

I spent yesterday at home ‘chilling’ and being slightly ‘creative’. I made six Birthday cards (*a miracle*) which will see out my Birthday card making list to the end of the year. I only send/give hand made cards to those who would appreciate it - not those who will toss it in the bin within the week (they get bought ones - lol).

Today I visited my parents and while there I played about with my Lyra Watercolour Crayons, experimenting. I’ve had the full set for well over a year now but I have not touched them since the day I bought them. And this evening I had play with colouring pencils using Mineral Turps - experimenting again and needing much more practice. I didn’t ‘create’ anything - I just ‘played’.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blink of an Eye Lid ...

Well … the holidays sure went FAST! Two weeks of holidays went in a blink of an eye lid … and one week back at work seems an eternity! *go figure*

But it’s more that just school holidays that time passes fast … my other HUGE ‘blink of an eye lid’ moment is … my baby is having a baby. Yep … that’s going to make me an official ‘dinosaur’ (lol). I just can’t get my head around it … I know my body (ie: wear and tear, etc) and my age says that "it’s to be expected" … but my mind still seems so ‘just out of high school’! Sarah (my daughter) by the way, is the same age as I was when I had her (24 and a half) and she was my second child! Shoooot … it really seems like it was only yesterday that she was born. So … in May 2009 I’m going to be a Nanna (?). I don’t know what I want to be called - yet … but it sure isn’t going to be Grandma! (lol)

A couple of ‘highlights’ during the school holidays were …I had my longest time friend (since Grade 3), Margaret come stay a couple of days during the holidays … she’s lived in Bendigo for a very long time now - so it’s always great when we catch up.

I had a Kaszazz New Product Party at my place and that was ‘busy as’ - 23 turned up! My head was spinning after attempting to be ‘social’ with everyone. It’s hard to be completely ‘social’ when you’re the one being the ‘hostess’. Was a great day though - nice to have nice friends … some came from great distances from where I live too! *amazing*

As for crafting … very little was done. I managed to make only one card for a friends 50th and I made a couple of last minute (literally) ATC’s for VicStampers ATC ‘Shape of the Month’. First is ‘Square’ - I used credit card technique for the background (which I already had previously made) and spotlighted the letter ‘D’. The other ‘shape’ was ‘Crown’ - hence the hat. Both simple but they were very hurriedly done on the morning of the afternoon meeting! The ‘Oval’ ATC shape was done for the September Challenge.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

On Holidays … at Last!!!

LIFE has returned … *yay*! No more feeling like a robot - ie: I wake at this time, I shower at this time, I leave for work at this time, I arrive at work at this time, etc, etc, etc … I’m guessing you get the picture (lol). Freedom ... finally!

Life has been good the past few weeks … a couple of weeks back Bevlea, Lucy, Janice and myself spent a faaabulous Saturday morning looking over the ‘Spirit of Tasmania’ (it was an Open Day), had lunch at Williamstown then went and visited Monika at her store (Beachhouse Boulevard) in Spotswood. Stayed at Monika’s for a while - had coffee and ‘chit chatted’ with Liz A., Joan Mc., Kaye W. and Monika while they ‘created’. Excellent day in all areas - weatherwise too! Fathers Day was spent over at my parents to celebrate the occasion with family - nice and relaxing.

The following weekend was my birthday and I spent the entire day at home (as I had WISHED for) … had my parents come visit, my long time friend (from high school days) Janice come stay the day while we messed about crafting and I had a couple of other friends pop in for a visit (Sue my Stampin’ Up ‘dealer’ and a work colleague, Erica - the Jewellery teacher at school). VicStampers was the following day - which as always, was enjoyable.

This weekend was ‘booked out’ … yesterday was PaperMates then from there I raced home to get ready for a night out with my brother and his partner. My brother’s birthday is a day after mine, but he is four years older than I. So … to celebrate our Birthdays (one week later) we went out to a club in Hawthorn (The New Capers - for dinner and a performance by Glenn Shorrock (Little River Band - Glenn Shorrock). His performance waaaay bettered my expectations - he was brilliant … great food (three courses) and an excellent venue. Hoping to go back for the Joe Camilleri & The Black Sorrows and Ross Wilson performances.

Today was a glorious day and was spent at a BBQ at my ex-neighbours home as her daughter was over from WA for a visit. Miss not having them live across the road from me - but it was I who moved off the mountain (for low maintenance - and no regrets on that issue). They were the best neighbours one could wish for - in the nineteen years we lived opposite each other we never had bad feelings between us. Our kids grew up together and we are like family … I was and am very fortunate.

Above is a recent Paper Queens project that I participated in - Jigsaw Swap - Vintage theme. Thank you ladies - I love them all.
Participants are as follows …
(Top Row - L to R): Anne Thompson - Marg Buhagiar - Eva (me)
(Middle Row - L to R): Barb Dare - Kristi Wright - Glenda Laing
(Bottom Row - L to R): Kathy Thompson - Mary Strong - Bevlea Ross

Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Got Spoilt - Yesterday!

Yes … I’m still ‘here’ … just been the norm for me - ‘busy as’ or I’ve been tooooo pooped to do much else! But yesterday I got spoilt - lucky me. Marion E. and Jane T. ‘kidnapped’ me for the day … they took me out for coffee, cake AND chocolate to Hahndorf’s Fine Chocolates store in Montrose. Needless to say … great treat and fabulous company. When done - we then came back to my place for a ‘play afternoon/early evening’. It was just wonderful to ‘sit still’, ‘play’, ‘veg’ and ‘natter’.

In the past few weeks I’ve had PaperMates where we made two versions of a sliding card. Not all that much captures my attention but these two surely did! I didn’t make a completed card (no shock there - lol) but I did manage to do the two templates for future projects. Thanks Marion for the work you always put in - in showing us ‘How To’.

Then the following day I had a Stampin’ Up party at my home - which, had nothing to do with me … *got you wondering on that one - I’m sure* - lol. A friend of mine, the lovely Ruthie lives in a male dominated home (husband, two birth sons and an ‘adopted’ son) … not a serene environment for an all female afternoon … lol. Sooooo … I supplied the ‘venue’. Ruthie supplied the guests and ‘nibbles’ and ... she took home the ‘benefits’. I had a great afternoon not having to fuss over a single thing - lol.

Last weekend, my local Stampin’ Up ‘dealer’ - that Sue Collins (lol) … had yet another Stampers Stack gathering which focused on Male Cards. We made eight in all - all great but, being the perfectionist that I am - I haven’t got one for ‘show and tell’ this post as I messed up a few (ie: I was to heavy with the stamping, over did the ‘pricking’, etc, etc, etc) - lol.

Today I did manage to get a little bit ‘productive’ … I finished off some cards that I half started but not completed. Above are some samples of cards that I made. My aim with these sort of cards, that I am very slowly building up, is ... to put in the staff room at work to sell for ‘pocket money’ … ie: pay for some of my craft supplies. My craft spending waaaaaay exceeds anything I will ever sell … *feeling of shame* (lol)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Thanks Jen!

Been a busy week, as per norm … work - work - work! I’ve been starting work at 7:30am since last week (and will do so for another two plus weeks) ... and ... have been ‘nodding off’ at around 9:00pm most evenings. So, this weekend was an absolute joy to an otherwise very dull week.
On Saturday I attended a ‘Junk Bracelet’ class taught by Jenny Crossley! Loved it - loved it - loved it! Sooooooo happy with my bracelet (pictured above) - great group of girls to ‘play with’, relaxed atmosphere and very productive. This is the very first class that I’ve ever attended where I’ve actually finished off the project in class time … *miracle*! But on that note … I do intend taking off some pieces to rearrange so I can space them out a bit better. What can I say … I can’t help it - it’s the ‘Virgo’ in me! (lol)

And thanks again Jen … for the gorgeous trinket (pictured above). It’s way too good to wear (I’m fearful of damaging/losing it!) so I think I might just frame it!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Winner & Grinner!

Well today was VicStampers and I was a winner … twice! Above is one ‘prize’ for the day … our Mini House Swap (we all won that one)! Fun to do and a fabulous ‘prize’ to take home. The people that I managed to do a swap with are … as follows:

Top row - left to right: Christina Lillie - Jane Tisell - Eva (me) - Barb Dare - Janet Gardner - Joy Welsh
Bottom row - Left to right: Kathy Thompson - Lisa Moffat - Debbie Larcombe - Marg Byrne

1: Please Note: Christina’s Mini House had the cutest little door knob (re: the hole that’s showing), but due to the raised knob it would not scan properly - hence the removal of the knob … sorry Christina, but I have put it back on!
2: And may I just say … Christina owns Christina’s Crafts - … one of the best stores about for your regular paper craft supplies but more so for her ‘interesting’ odds and ends for the Altered Artist and the like … go visit her site (and take your coffee with you - lots to see!).

Also … my other ‘prize’ for the day (and that one was all mine and only mine) was walking away with five ATC’s - which was the prize for the ATC ‘Shape of the Month’ Challenge - *yay me*! How it works is … create an ATC which has to incorporate that months ‘shape’ which was ‘Arrow’ for the month of August. Anyone can submit, everyone votes and the one with the most votes gets to keep all submissions. Thanks for the votes girls and thanks to Barb Dare, Bevlea Ross, Janet Gardner and Claire Kelly too for your ATC submissions - they’ve all gone to a very appreciative home, ie: mine! *grin*

Yesterday, Bevlea, Lucy and I went on a ‘mission’ to find ‘odds and ends’ for Jenny Crossley’s Junk Bracelet class next week. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t ‘score’ any ‘treasures’ but did enjoy being driven to Castlemaine and Bendigo though. It’s not often that I’m a passenger so it was nice to enjoy the views. HUGE thanks to Lucy for letting me sit in the front the entire day - Bev was the driver and I was her ‘co-pilot’. I got the privilege to sit in the front because I’m not a good passenger in the back seat of a car, re: motion sickness (not much fun and I don't come out looking at my 'personal best')!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back to Work - *sigh*

Well I didn’t win Lotto last night so it’s back to the ‘Salt Mine’ tomorrow for me - *sigh*. Enjoyed my holidays but it wasn’t long enough. But … I got to catch up with those I had planned to. Still had a few things on my ‘To Do’ list that I didn’t manage to cross off - guess there’s next holidays (and counting - again … lol).

Caught up with Bevlea and Lucy on Monday … appreciate their visit, seeing as they live on the other side of town to me and it’s (almost) ‘pack your rations and bring a flare along’ for the drive over. Enjoyable company, as always - we did lunch ‘out’ and managed to get a few store visits along the way. Took them past the scenic route … past a cemetery - twice! lol

Tuesday I had my car serviced then visited my folks. Then … I got a phone call - more ‘dramas and sagas’ and with no connection to the previous one I had a few weeks back. Maaaan - I must of walked under a ladder, kicked a black cat, smashed a mirror, opened up an umbrella indoors, etc, etc, etc (lol) - surely this has to be the last (hopefully) in a very long while. Life is a challenge … and … yet another hurdle jumped! I survived! And … it had nothing to do with the car service bill … lol.

Wednesday I had lunch with my fav cousin, Ronnie … who used to wheel me in a pram when I just a babe (lol) - yes I was small once! I try and catch up with her every school holidays and do lunch. She’s off over to Europe with her husband for ten weeks (in a few weeks) - so I’ll miss her next school holidays!

And … the sun shone again (no stress) on Thursday. I had lunch with two ex-bosses of mine. The wonderful Heather, who is one of the rare few (male or female) I truly admire - and a woman who inspires and leads by example (and has a great sense of humour too!). She came to our school as an Assistant Principal - came from being a Region ‘head’ (ie: big wig - lol) - but prior to that she was a Principal in a Primary school. Heather has covered all teaching areas in the Education Department. She’s also taught in a Special School … amazing resume - for sure! Trivial as it seems - one example of my ‘admiration’ for her, re: her ‘leading by example’ - she would, every day, go outside and supervise cleaning up the yard with the students and she would actually get her ‘hands dirty’ doing so, along side them - not pointing/directing them!

And Jill … who was our Business Manager up until just recently. Hard job co-ordinating a school of our size - with so many extra areas our school runs/operates within and out of school hours. She left retiring as one the top Business Managers in the Education Department of Victoria.

Been fluffing about making cards today. Mission … Birthday card for my daughter and a few ‘back up’ assorted cards (plural) … just chilling. Perfect day to just hang at home and play/veg - ie: in the warmth. Above is the card I made my daughter for her approaching 24th Birthday on July 31st and a ‘back up’ card, just because (lol)!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Holidays are Just THE Best!

Why is it … one day at work seems like an eternity but ... only one week of holidays goes in a blink of an eyelid? *go figure*

Anyway … it’s been a great week! Nothing grand but just wonderful. Firstly … let me just ‘sky write’ that (listen up ALL) … I finally finished my Paper Queens Jigsaw piece/s - *yay me - go me*! And PS to the above … I got them done before Bevlea - *dancing with glee!* (lol)

On Tuesday I went and visited my old-old boss (not that I'm calling her old). She was my boss two bosses ago. She was a great to work with and is one of the most nicest and most generous people about. Mind you ... initially I didn’t ‘warm’ to her - but I was happily proved wrong! Have been friends now for 10+ years.

On Wednesday I had Marion and Rita over for a Play Day and as always, a delightful day. Yapping, crafting and grazing on nibblies like cattle … lol.

Thursday … my daughter and I did a ‘Thelma & Louise’ (not quite all the way though - lol) … we did a ‘road trip’ on the new Eastlink! Well … I’m impressed! Took no time to get to Frankston (and beyond) … we went a little further but eventually turned back and stopped back at Frankston for lunch then tootled off home again.

Friday I just chilled ... started working on some Xmas Cards for a coming ‘event’ (event - not being Christmas though - sorta/kinda) - can’t share much about that one for now (top secret - lol).

Yesterday I fluffed about in the garden and pruned (butchered) my roses … and I have scars to prove it!

Today was VicStampers … and I was ‘IT’! This is partly what I wrote in a VicStampers email to the Group this evening: “ … And - and - and … apologies to all for being the Door Bitch today (lol)! Opening up, setting up, doing the ATC Challenge and collecting the money, introducing Marion to the Group, setting up the coffee/tea/cake, etc, etc, etc was all too much for my little brain to cope with (lol). I was soooooooo stressed over setting off the alarm (which I set off four times on my very first go!!!) ... but … I finally got it right!”

The pic above is just a quick card I made this evening for a friends up and coming wedding … it’s simple but I’m good with it.

So - till the next episode of Eva’s dull life (or should that read ‘DILL' life) - *yawn*

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I ... survived!

I survived ... a twelve week term of school! *relief*

And … am now on a two week end of term school holiday break - *yay*. For those who don’t know me personally … I work in a high school in the administration side … student total of 1,200+, around 150 staff and … it’s a split shift school (ie: VCE students start later in the morning - around 10:50 am and end much later in the day). I do most things in the office but mostly AR (Accounts Receivable), produce the school newsletter, reception, school forms, etc, etc, etc. Never a dull moment - never without nothing to do … always busy/busy! I intend these school holidays to just be a ‘sloth’ - just chilling and hopefully lots of playing (ie: crafty stuff!).

Had a friend over yesterday - a long time friend from my own high school days! Went out for dinner and did Thai - fabulous food and as always, ate too much!!! She too works in a school but she’s off to Queensland for most of her school holidays - I’m just so looking forward to ‘standing still’.

And today … ditto to the above - ‘ate too much’ (again)! It was my mothers ‘anniversary’ to her coming/landing in Australia - 60 years today she arrived in Australia! Guess that makes her more Australian than many Australian’s - ie: those aged less than sixty … lol. Went to the Casino in town and had lunch, then strolled along the banks of the Yarra for a bit, then went on a river cruise (on a boat … of course) for about an hour. Had a totally wonderful day - my brother and his partner, my parents, myself and my daughter and her partner. A really enjoyable day - I felt so relaxed (and full!)

Above is a card/booklet I made for our Business Manager who took Long Service Leave/Retirement last term. It was in a booklet form with a page for each of us to sign and write a message. I didn’t want to have ‘Retirement’ on the card/booklet so I chose ‘Delight in Life’ in it’s place … reads more ‘exciting’ and less ‘aging’ (kinda thing).
PS: NO work tomorrow ... life is good (for the next two weaks at least!)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Card Making Weekend

Another lovely ending to my week … busy/busy though! Yesterday I had PaperMates where Petrina showed us how to make a ‘particular’ card (not sure what type of style it’s exactly called - sorry). Though I didn’t do an ‘actual’ finished card, others did, and they looked faaaaabulous! I only managed to do a template of it for a future project (UFO - I’m sure!). Thanks Petrina for sharing your talent with us.

Today was yet another Card Day. Spent the afternoon at Sue Collin’s place for a Stampin’ Up Stampers Stack Workshop. Sue is my Stampin’ Up ‘dealer’ - other than taking my money (so to speak … lol) - she’s a wonderful person and so very talented. We made ten gift cards and a stamped cut-out hand bag … had a fun time with Ruthie, Keryn and also Jessica. If you ever require any Stampin’ Up ‘stuff’ - let me highly recommend Sue. Apart from her being very talented - she’s knowledgeable in her stamping skills (been stamping for over 10 plus years), reliable and fast with her orders too!

Above are just two ‘samples’ of what we did … cute eh! Excuse the scan - came out a bit fuzzy around the right edge on both of them - not sure why … ?

After my ‘not so pleasant’ dramas and sagas of early last week - thought I needed some spoiling. Soooo … I finally bought myself a Sizzix Bigshot and eight Cuttlebug embossing folders (and some other ‘trinkets’ too). May of spoilt myself a tad too much … guess I’ll be laying an egg when my Visa bill comes in! Worry about that one … later!

PS: One more week of work (AND counting!) … till the next school holidays!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Busy/Busy Week ...

Well my week has definitely been an interesting one to say the least but has ended up being a delightful one in comparison to the ‘challenges’ I had to deal with earlier in the week.

Saturday morning I caught up with Bevlea to ‘view’ a possible venue for a ‘particular coming event’ (more details on on Bev’s Blog @ Raced home from that to start preparing for my evening visitors (three couples - dear friends from up on the mountain where I once lived - plus me) … a social card night that we’ve been doing for many years. It’s basically an excuse to get together and have a good feed and lots of laughs - which we did!

Re: Today … I just ‘chilled’ in the morning and in the afternoon I went to my gorgeous daughter’s to have a Mother/Daughter day - just vegging and yapping while watching DVD’s - it was just wonderful, her and I having a girly afternoon.

Creative wise … well … I’ve made a positive start on the Paper Queens Jigsaw project ... finally! Not completed but it’s all ready to go when I have a decent stretch of time to ‘piece together’.

Above is something I did way back in April for VicStampers - it was an Inchies Tile Swap ... they were actually 1 ¼” Inchies - go figure? lol Fun to do and a challenge to work within that size. ‘Gone Loopy’ is what I named this tile.

PS: Two more weeks then school holidays! *yay*

Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Week

This week … not on the productive side of crafting as I had hoped for (yet again!) … though I did manage to do a couple of ‘nice’ things to break the routine of work, eat and sleep. On Wednesday - went to the movies with Marion (our PaperMates Leader) and saw ‘Then She Found Me’. Interesting movie - starring Helen Hunt, Colin Firth and Bette Midler … not sure what to say/think about the film - other than … one - I didn’t dislike the movie (but may have to see it again … I think) and two - regardless what my ‘thoughts’ are about the movie, it was worth seeing just for Colin Firth!

Had ATC Club yesterday, with Bevlea running the show. Mission … mess about with Alcohol Inks.
Above is my ‘sample/example’ (it’s rough!) using Bev's supplied image and some other bits. Being a metallic background - the scan doesn't show as nice as if visually in your hand. I named this ATC, 'Bewitched'.

As for today (mid morning) … family drama and sagas! So what I had planned to do ALL day (ie: craft) didn’t happen and my motivation to craft is now ‘flat’. Tomorrow is a new day and with fingers crossed, it starts (and ends) off better than it has today. Thank goodness it’s a long weekend!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My First Post!

I’ve made it - I’m here!!! But …before I begin …. A VERY HUGE THANK YOU to BEVLEA ROSS. An amazingly talented woman (in many areas) who created my fabulous banner … what a pal!

Now … about me and this Blog. Not much to tell really … I fluff about, play a little and fluff about a lot more (I’m such a procrastinator!). Meaning … my Blog Posts won’t be prolific - just the ‘occasional’.

My Beginnings: I got introduced into paper crafting via ATC’s mid 2005 - so I’m still rather ‘new’ in comparison to most. I have no particular preferred area in paper crafting - I like to dabble in most realms (except Scrapbooking - I still like my photos in a ‘traditional’ album). I guess I’m what you call - ‘eclectic’ … hence ‘Postscript Voyages’ - I bounce all over the place.

At the moment I’m more into card making - just playing about … but ... just recently, I finished a Slide Mount (10 of them) for one of the groups I belong to, ‘PaperMates’, here in Melbourne. The collaborative project (which was turned into a mini book) was, ‘I am Woman’, done for International Woman’s Day. The above picture was my contribution - I named it ‘Star Graduate’. I am also working on another project (in between the many projects I start - which mostly end up being UFO’s) for Paper Queens - a jigsaw piece. I joined the Vintage group for that one!

Enjoy the journey/s …