Wednesday, March 31, 2010

OUR Australian Tutors - CSR 2010

Well ... I'm finally almost over my hay fever!!! I hadn't had it all spring nor summer - but it got me good in Autumn ... go figure?! Needless to say ... my 'applause' to our Australian tutors at Creative Soul Retreat 2010 has been slow in recognition ... apologies. I will 'cheat' a little though - I am going to copy/paste (below) what I wrote to the CSR Yahoo Group ... for those who are not members. I'm still not at my 'mental peak' (which is poor at the best of times - re: an aging mind) - hence the 'copy/paste'.
"I just want to thank our truly amazing tutors. What talent we had - both international and home grown. ... ... ... As for our Australian tutors ... we (Australia as a whole) are so fortunate to have such brilliant artists ... which come 'second to none'! Ro Bruhn, Jen Crossley, Kelsey O'Mullane and Judy Wilkenfeld ... we were/are fortunate to have had you as our Australian representatives ... you did/do us so proud! Thank you for sharing yourselves with us!"

Below are pics of OUR talented Australian artists. Please make time to visit their Blogs ... if you haven't already. (Inspirational!).
L to R: Jenny Crossley (Laurie Mika - one of our US tutors) and Ro Bruhn.
L to R: Judy Wilkenfeld and Kesley O'Mullane.


Jen Crossley said...

Thank you Eva for your kind words about the Aussie tutor's,it was such a pleasure to be at this wonderful retreat,sharing our love of Art with like minded souls.Thats what it is all about

Ro Bruhn said...

You're so kind Eva, thank you for your wonderful support and help in working with Bev and Lucy to put on such a wonderful event. You were tireless in your support for everyone and nothing was too much trouble. Thank you again.

Judy said...

Well I agree with both Ro and Jen, the retreat was wonderful and that was in no small measure due to you, Bev and Lucy. Nothing was too much for you guys so thanks for supporting us. xo