Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a life ...

I’m alive … as I’ve not written in such a very long time I feel like I need to write an absence note - comes from working in the school system, I guess … lol. As I commonly say to others, my life is not all that ‘thrilling’ but it sure ain’t dull!

I won’t get into what my life has been up to in the past four months - but hopefully, I'll not put you to sleep with my recent ‘events’.

I mostly want to say … how fortunate I was to be part of fabulous team involved with the ‘Creative Soul Retreat’. I felt privileged to work with Bevlea (owner extraordinaire) and Lucy, my equal in being a ‘soldier ant’ to Bevlea … lol. We worked so smoothly together - heads down bums up, no egos, no power plays, etc, etc, etc - we did what a ‘girls gotta do’ kinda thing. Love them both. Friends before the Retreat and even stronger friends because of the Retreat (well … in my eyes anyway - lol).

So … onto the Retreat … my 'thoughts'. *Where do I begin?* Guess I’ll start with my ‘guest’ Stephanie Lee .. who I did not consider my guest. She was soooo easy to have in my home. As much as I love my friends who come stay - I’m usually itching after two or threes days for them to return back to their own ‘nest’ (but they’re still ‘loved’ - lol). But in all honesty, with Stephanie, it was no issue. She felt like family … like a sister ... sisters that don’t fight that is - lol. Such a brilliant artist and a very much down to earth person - no ego and needing no ‘precious’ attention.

As for DJ and Bernie - I loved them equally too … even though they were each hosted by Bevlea and Lucy - we all spent a lot of time together during the day. We all just seemed to ‘click’, like we were long time friends (again … that’s how I felt - can’t speak for the Tutors, Bev or Lucy themselves - lol). We were spoilt with three of the very best Tutors (real people) - so the standards are set at high for our 2010 ‘guests’ (lol).

Now the Retreat … I not only felt it to be successful but believe it truly was. Though I did not manage to complete a class I did not feel deprived as I genuinely felt rewarded in the excitement/joy of those who attended and thrilled for Bevlea and Lucy too. I may appear ‘crusty’ on the outside but I’m such a marshmallow on the inside … but please don’t go around telling everyone that - lol.

Below is a picture (kindly ‘borrowed’ from Stephanie’s Blog) of us all - taken while at Healesville Sanctuary. Left to right is (for those who did not attend the Retreat and don’t know of the Tutors) …

The very lovely Lucy - the brilliant Bernie Berlin - the BOSS, Bevlea (lol) - Superstar Stephanie Lee - the very darling DJ Pettitt - and me (I so hate photos of me - *aaargh*).

And to those who I met for the first time at the Retreat and including those who I already know in person - thank you for making it such a wonderful experience!

If you would like to see/know more: for links of those who attended (more pics) and the like ... and ... if you want to be part of CSR’s 2010 Retreat (and see even more photos of this years Retreat) go visit

And, of course … at the top right hand side of my Blog - you’ll find Stephanie's, DJ’s and Bernie’s links to their Blogs under 2009 - CSR Tutors