Sunday, November 9, 2008

Productive & Social

Well … I had a very productive and social weekend - totally enjoyable. I actually ‘created’ AND I had fabulous company all weekend. Above are two samples of what I produced - Card from Saturday & Microscope slide from Sunday.

Saturday was a card making day for me - with a friend (Janice - my old high school bud) popping over for the afternoon/evening then another friend (Yvonne Rice from VicStampers) dropped by to pick up an order and stayed to ‘play’ too later that evening.

Today (Sunday) - I had a few people over from VicStampers seeing as there was no VicStampers meeting this month. I had organised Erica, who’s the Jewellery/Metalwork teacher from the school where I work, to give us a lesson on ‘soldering/tinning’ using the solder and flux method (non resin core). I’ve also done soldering with Jenny Crossley, but I picked up a few more tips via Erica and I feel more confident with soldering and using this method. Today’s attendees were - Bevlea Ross, Glenda Laing, Joan McAlpine, Kaye Wolf, Joy Welsh and myself (of course!). Erica was most impressed with us all and said we were so easy to teach - she too enjoyed it. Well all had fun - a great day!