Wednesday, March 31, 2010

OUR Australian Tutors - CSR 2010

Well ... I'm finally almost over my hay fever!!! I hadn't had it all spring nor summer - but it got me good in Autumn ... go figure?! Needless to say ... my 'applause' to our Australian tutors at Creative Soul Retreat 2010 has been slow in recognition ... apologies. I will 'cheat' a little though - I am going to copy/paste (below) what I wrote to the CSR Yahoo Group ... for those who are not members. I'm still not at my 'mental peak' (which is poor at the best of times - re: an aging mind) - hence the 'copy/paste'.
"I just want to thank our truly amazing tutors. What talent we had - both international and home grown. ... ... ... As for our Australian tutors ... we (Australia as a whole) are so fortunate to have such brilliant artists ... which come 'second to none'! Ro Bruhn, Jen Crossley, Kelsey O'Mullane and Judy Wilkenfeld ... we were/are fortunate to have had you as our Australian representatives ... you did/do us so proud! Thank you for sharing yourselves with us!"

Below are pics of OUR talented Australian artists. Please make time to visit their Blogs ... if you haven't already. (Inspirational!).
L to R: Jenny Crossley (Laurie Mika - one of our US tutors) and Ro Bruhn.
L to R: Judy Wilkenfeld and Kesley O'Mullane.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh MY!!!! It's Been a (LONG) While!

I knew it had been a while since I last posted ... but 'shoooooot' ... I didn't realise it's been that long (June 6th, 2009!) ... OH MY! Getting late now and I'm ready for bed ... will try an 'catch up' (pen down SOME events on my Blog) over the next week (it being school holidays - *yay*)!

Also suffering with hayfever with a vengeance at the moment - not in the right 'head space' to start. But ... I will post a pic of my new 'kindred spirit' friend, Jan Harris and I (below) - my most wonderful and delightful guest I had stay with me prior to the Creative Soul Retreat. What an amazing person and inspirational tutor!
Also ... below is a pic on our last day before leaving the Retreat ... a picture of the CSR Team with our International Tutors. Left to Right: Jan Harris, Laurie Mika, Bevlea Ross (CSR Boss!), Susan Lenart Kazmer, me (Eva) and Lucy Leatham (CSR Team Member).