Sunday, November 9, 2008

Productive & Social

Well … I had a very productive and social weekend - totally enjoyable. I actually ‘created’ AND I had fabulous company all weekend. Above are two samples of what I produced - Card from Saturday & Microscope slide from Sunday.

Saturday was a card making day for me - with a friend (Janice - my old high school bud) popping over for the afternoon/evening then another friend (Yvonne Rice from VicStampers) dropped by to pick up an order and stayed to ‘play’ too later that evening.

Today (Sunday) - I had a few people over from VicStampers seeing as there was no VicStampers meeting this month. I had organised Erica, who’s the Jewellery/Metalwork teacher from the school where I work, to give us a lesson on ‘soldering/tinning’ using the solder and flux method (non resin core). I’ve also done soldering with Jenny Crossley, but I picked up a few more tips via Erica and I feel more confident with soldering and using this method. Today’s attendees were - Bevlea Ross, Glenda Laing, Joan McAlpine, Kaye Wolf, Joy Welsh and myself (of course!). Erica was most impressed with us all and said we were so easy to teach - she too enjoyed it. Well all had fun - a great day!


Jen Crossley said...

Oh Eva your soldering is awesome Im so glad you love it.
Glad you had fun playing with everyone I bet you all had a creative time

Lucy said...

Sorry I missed the class Eva, but, the wedding I had to attend was something that one had to see to believe, at least once in your life!
Anyway, just want to let you know that you have been 'TAGGED'. Go to my blog & check it out.
Hugs Lucy

Nic Hohn said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your suprise pillow art! It was lovely meeting you.Thank you for making the Retreat weekend special..your an angel!