Saturday, June 6, 2009

VERY Belated Thank You/s

To … some very wonderful people that have bestowed me with more Blog Awards. It’s amazing how many beautiful people I have met through Stamping/Papercrafting/Mixed Media … I truly consider myself very fortunate.

Friendly Blogger Award and Lemonade Stand Award (not sure what that one actually means/represents - but I’m flattered - I think … lol) … from Lady Di at Live Your Dreams.
Kreativ Blogger Award from the delightful DrMarty62 at Arty Marty … and also from Bevlea Ross at Soul Arts - a dear friend and one amazing woman to boot.

Thank you dear ladies … but I feel like an imposter though these days, as my creativity is hovering on ‘zero’ … too much to do and not enough hours in the day!
And … another belated thank you too … to Elizabeth from Queen of Toys … for her very generous altered spoon ‘just because’ gift (pictured above but the photo does not do it justice). How nice is that … a no reason gift! I have it proudly displayed for all to see. Thank you again Elizabeth!

LILY UPDATE: Growing more beautiful each and every day … but the little darling hasn’t worked out which is day and which is night - ie: sleep time. I see her at her very best (day time) … placid or sleeping! Oh the joys of being a Nanna … lol.


Kasha Rolley said...

Wow, the spoon is absolutely beautiful, such a clever creation too. I bet Lily's parents are getting tired, it will get better soon no doubt.

Sam Marshall said...

Hi Eva,
Love your spoon!!

Jen Crossley said...

beautiful spoon eva,well done