Monday, August 11, 2008

Thanks Jen!

Been a busy week, as per norm … work - work - work! I’ve been starting work at 7:30am since last week (and will do so for another two plus weeks) ... and ... have been ‘nodding off’ at around 9:00pm most evenings. So, this weekend was an absolute joy to an otherwise very dull week.
On Saturday I attended a ‘Junk Bracelet’ class taught by Jenny Crossley! Loved it - loved it - loved it! Sooooooo happy with my bracelet (pictured above) - great group of girls to ‘play with’, relaxed atmosphere and very productive. This is the very first class that I’ve ever attended where I’ve actually finished off the project in class time … *miracle*! But on that note … I do intend taking off some pieces to rearrange so I can space them out a bit better. What can I say … I can’t help it - it’s the ‘Virgo’ in me! (lol)

And thanks again Jen … for the gorgeous trinket (pictured above). It’s way too good to wear (I’m fearful of damaging/losing it!) so I think I might just frame it!


Jen Crossley said...

It was great to catch up with you again Eva and Im really glad you enjoyed and finished your bracelet.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo Eva .. you got your braclet up on the blog before I got mine up!! Good for you girl! It was so good to meet you and I look forward to catching up again at another class .. some time .. some place.
~xx Barb xx~

Queen Of Toys said...

Looks great Eva and yes you finished the bracelet It looked like everyone was having fun and it is great to see yours up on the blog.