Sunday, August 3, 2008

Winner & Grinner!

Well today was VicStampers and I was a winner … twice! Above is one ‘prize’ for the day … our Mini House Swap (we all won that one)! Fun to do and a fabulous ‘prize’ to take home. The people that I managed to do a swap with are … as follows:

Top row - left to right: Christina Lillie - Jane Tisell - Eva (me) - Barb Dare - Janet Gardner - Joy Welsh
Bottom row - Left to right: Kathy Thompson - Lisa Moffat - Debbie Larcombe - Marg Byrne

1: Please Note: Christina’s Mini House had the cutest little door knob (re: the hole that’s showing), but due to the raised knob it would not scan properly - hence the removal of the knob … sorry Christina, but I have put it back on!
2: And may I just say … Christina owns Christina’s Crafts - … one of the best stores about for your regular paper craft supplies but more so for her ‘interesting’ odds and ends for the Altered Artist and the like … go visit her site (and take your coffee with you - lots to see!).

Also … my other ‘prize’ for the day (and that one was all mine and only mine) was walking away with five ATC’s - which was the prize for the ATC ‘Shape of the Month’ Challenge - *yay me*! How it works is … create an ATC which has to incorporate that months ‘shape’ which was ‘Arrow’ for the month of August. Anyone can submit, everyone votes and the one with the most votes gets to keep all submissions. Thanks for the votes girls and thanks to Barb Dare, Bevlea Ross, Janet Gardner and Claire Kelly too for your ATC submissions - they’ve all gone to a very appreciative home, ie: mine! *grin*

Yesterday, Bevlea, Lucy and I went on a ‘mission’ to find ‘odds and ends’ for Jenny Crossley’s Junk Bracelet class next week. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t ‘score’ any ‘treasures’ but did enjoy being driven to Castlemaine and Bendigo though. It’s not often that I’m a passenger so it was nice to enjoy the views. HUGE thanks to Lucy for letting me sit in the front the entire day - Bev was the driver and I was her ‘co-pilot’. I got the privilege to sit in the front because I’m not a good passenger in the back seat of a car, re: motion sickness (not much fun and I don't come out looking at my 'personal best')!

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Jen Crossley said...

Your a winner thats for sure amazing houses.Hope your well rested Im going to work your butt off in class On saturday LOL only joking