Sunday, September 21, 2008

On Holidays … at Last!!!

LIFE has returned … *yay*! No more feeling like a robot - ie: I wake at this time, I shower at this time, I leave for work at this time, I arrive at work at this time, etc, etc, etc … I’m guessing you get the picture (lol). Freedom ... finally!

Life has been good the past few weeks … a couple of weeks back Bevlea, Lucy, Janice and myself spent a faaabulous Saturday morning looking over the ‘Spirit of Tasmania’ (it was an Open Day), had lunch at Williamstown then went and visited Monika at her store (Beachhouse Boulevard) in Spotswood. Stayed at Monika’s for a while - had coffee and ‘chit chatted’ with Liz A., Joan Mc., Kaye W. and Monika while they ‘created’. Excellent day in all areas - weatherwise too! Fathers Day was spent over at my parents to celebrate the occasion with family - nice and relaxing.

The following weekend was my birthday and I spent the entire day at home (as I had WISHED for) … had my parents come visit, my long time friend (from high school days) Janice come stay the day while we messed about crafting and I had a couple of other friends pop in for a visit (Sue my Stampin’ Up ‘dealer’ and a work colleague, Erica - the Jewellery teacher at school). VicStampers was the following day - which as always, was enjoyable.

This weekend was ‘booked out’ … yesterday was PaperMates then from there I raced home to get ready for a night out with my brother and his partner. My brother’s birthday is a day after mine, but he is four years older than I. So … to celebrate our Birthdays (one week later) we went out to a club in Hawthorn (The New Capers - for dinner and a performance by Glenn Shorrock (Little River Band - Glenn Shorrock). His performance waaaay bettered my expectations - he was brilliant … great food (three courses) and an excellent venue. Hoping to go back for the Joe Camilleri & The Black Sorrows and Ross Wilson performances.

Today was a glorious day and was spent at a BBQ at my ex-neighbours home as her daughter was over from WA for a visit. Miss not having them live across the road from me - but it was I who moved off the mountain (for low maintenance - and no regrets on that issue). They were the best neighbours one could wish for - in the nineteen years we lived opposite each other we never had bad feelings between us. Our kids grew up together and we are like family … I was and am very fortunate.

Above is a recent Paper Queens project that I participated in - Jigsaw Swap - Vintage theme. Thank you ladies - I love them all.
Participants are as follows …
(Top Row - L to R): Anne Thompson - Marg Buhagiar - Eva (me)
(Middle Row - L to R): Barb Dare - Kristi Wright - Glenda Laing
(Bottom Row - L to R): Kathy Thompson - Mary Strong - Bevlea Ross


Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

Wow, you have been busy. Belated Happy Birthday!!!
Love that puzzle swap - simply gorgeous!!

Eva said...

Thank you Deanne ... for my belated Birthday 'cheer' and your comment on the Jigsaw Swap.
Happy creating!
Eva :-)

Jen Crossley said...

ewudghWOW this is beautiful jigsaw