Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blink of an Eye Lid ...

Well … the holidays sure went FAST! Two weeks of holidays went in a blink of an eye lid … and one week back at work seems an eternity! *go figure*

But it’s more that just school holidays that time passes fast … my other HUGE ‘blink of an eye lid’ moment is … my baby is having a baby. Yep … that’s going to make me an official ‘dinosaur’ (lol). I just can’t get my head around it … I know my body (ie: wear and tear, etc) and my age says that "it’s to be expected" … but my mind still seems so ‘just out of high school’! Sarah (my daughter) by the way, is the same age as I was when I had her (24 and a half) and she was my second child! Shoooot … it really seems like it was only yesterday that she was born. So … in May 2009 I’m going to be a Nanna (?). I don’t know what I want to be called - yet … but it sure isn’t going to be Grandma! (lol)

A couple of ‘highlights’ during the school holidays were …I had my longest time friend (since Grade 3), Margaret come stay a couple of days during the holidays … she’s lived in Bendigo for a very long time now - so it’s always great when we catch up.

I had a Kaszazz New Product Party at my place and that was ‘busy as’ - 23 turned up! My head was spinning after attempting to be ‘social’ with everyone. It’s hard to be completely ‘social’ when you’re the one being the ‘hostess’. Was a great day though - nice to have nice friends … some came from great distances from where I live too! *amazing*

As for crafting … very little was done. I managed to make only one card for a friends 50th and I made a couple of last minute (literally) ATC’s for VicStampers ATC ‘Shape of the Month’. First is ‘Square’ - I used credit card technique for the background (which I already had previously made) and spotlighted the letter ‘D’. The other ‘shape’ was ‘Crown’ - hence the hat. Both simple but they were very hurriedly done on the morning of the afternoon meeting! The ‘Oval’ ATC shape was done for the September Challenge.

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Lucy said...

CONGRATULATIONS Nanna Eva!!!!! Great news for you & your daughter!!! Welcome to the Nanna Club!!
Hugs Lucy