Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thank you - Lucy!

It pays to be complimentary (and sincere) … literally! Above is a beautiful example of one of Lucy Leatham’s ‘works of art’ that was gifted to me - all because I commented on her Blog on how much I liked it. How generous is she … and … lucky me! What a pal … thanks heaps Lucy … it’s now residing in a very appreciative home - mine!

Had Friday off from work this week - *yay*. I had a ‘Day in Lieu’ owing - which I was going to save for the Monday of Cup Weekend … but our new Principal does ‘not approve’ of that (*boo - hiss*) - so it’s school as normal for all staff (I’ll put money on - that there won’t be many students at school on that day!). Apart from no ‘four day long weekend’ - he’s an ok guy.

So … it was off to Paperific instead. I thoroughly enjoyed it even though we didn’t stay all that long as Bev had/has a sore back and seeing as I did enough damage to my purse in the mere three hours we were there it was a good enough reason for vacating fast - lol. Nice venue, Melbourne Show Grounds, but I also liked it at Caulfield Race Course.

I spent yesterday at home ‘chilling’ and being slightly ‘creative’. I made six Birthday cards (*a miracle*) which will see out my Birthday card making list to the end of the year. I only send/give hand made cards to those who would appreciate it - not those who will toss it in the bin within the week (they get bought ones - lol).

Today I visited my parents and while there I played about with my Lyra Watercolour Crayons, experimenting. I’ve had the full set for well over a year now but I have not touched them since the day I bought them. And this evening I had play with colouring pencils using Mineral Turps - experimenting again and needing much more practice. I didn’t ‘create’ anything - I just ‘played’.


Jen Crossley said...

Great to see you on the weekend Your very lucky Lucys work is just beautiful.Cant wait to see what you make with the lyra crayons

Lucy said...

Pleased you like my little canvas, but, don't think it can be labelled 'work of art'LOLOLO
Hugs Lucy

Madonna B said...

i admired this some time ago and do consider it a work of are very lucky to own it!.