Sunday, July 6, 2008

Holidays are Just THE Best!

Why is it … one day at work seems like an eternity but ... only one week of holidays goes in a blink of an eyelid? *go figure*

Anyway … it’s been a great week! Nothing grand but just wonderful. Firstly … let me just ‘sky write’ that (listen up ALL) … I finally finished my Paper Queens Jigsaw piece/s - *yay me - go me*! And PS to the above … I got them done before Bevlea - *dancing with glee!* (lol)

On Tuesday I went and visited my old-old boss (not that I'm calling her old). She was my boss two bosses ago. She was a great to work with and is one of the most nicest and most generous people about. Mind you ... initially I didn’t ‘warm’ to her - but I was happily proved wrong! Have been friends now for 10+ years.

On Wednesday I had Marion and Rita over for a Play Day and as always, a delightful day. Yapping, crafting and grazing on nibblies like cattle … lol.

Thursday … my daughter and I did a ‘Thelma & Louise’ (not quite all the way though - lol) … we did a ‘road trip’ on the new Eastlink! Well … I’m impressed! Took no time to get to Frankston (and beyond) … we went a little further but eventually turned back and stopped back at Frankston for lunch then tootled off home again.

Friday I just chilled ... started working on some Xmas Cards for a coming ‘event’ (event - not being Christmas though - sorta/kinda) - can’t share much about that one for now (top secret - lol).

Yesterday I fluffed about in the garden and pruned (butchered) my roses … and I have scars to prove it!

Today was VicStampers … and I was ‘IT’! This is partly what I wrote in a VicStampers email to the Group this evening: “ … And - and - and … apologies to all for being the Door Bitch today (lol)! Opening up, setting up, doing the ATC Challenge and collecting the money, introducing Marion to the Group, setting up the coffee/tea/cake, etc, etc, etc was all too much for my little brain to cope with (lol). I was soooooooo stressed over setting off the alarm (which I set off four times on my very first go!!!) ... but … I finally got it right!”

The pic above is just a quick card I made this evening for a friends up and coming wedding … it’s simple but I’m good with it.

So - till the next episode of Eva’s dull life (or should that read ‘DILL' life) - *yawn*


Bevlea said...

love the card Eva.... really appeals.. maybe its the nice mauve colour vbg

Jen Crossley said...

Beautiful card,your such a busy bee