Sunday, June 29, 2008

I ... survived!

I survived ... a twelve week term of school! *relief*

And … am now on a two week end of term school holiday break - *yay*. For those who don’t know me personally … I work in a high school in the administration side … student total of 1,200+, around 150 staff and … it’s a split shift school (ie: VCE students start later in the morning - around 10:50 am and end much later in the day). I do most things in the office but mostly AR (Accounts Receivable), produce the school newsletter, reception, school forms, etc, etc, etc. Never a dull moment - never without nothing to do … always busy/busy! I intend these school holidays to just be a ‘sloth’ - just chilling and hopefully lots of playing (ie: crafty stuff!).

Had a friend over yesterday - a long time friend from my own high school days! Went out for dinner and did Thai - fabulous food and as always, ate too much!!! She too works in a school but she’s off to Queensland for most of her school holidays - I’m just so looking forward to ‘standing still’.

And today … ditto to the above - ‘ate too much’ (again)! It was my mothers ‘anniversary’ to her coming/landing in Australia - 60 years today she arrived in Australia! Guess that makes her more Australian than many Australian’s - ie: those aged less than sixty … lol. Went to the Casino in town and had lunch, then strolled along the banks of the Yarra for a bit, then went on a river cruise (on a boat … of course) for about an hour. Had a totally wonderful day - my brother and his partner, my parents, myself and my daughter and her partner. A really enjoyable day - I felt so relaxed (and full!)

Above is a card/booklet I made for our Business Manager who took Long Service Leave/Retirement last term. It was in a booklet form with a page for each of us to sign and write a message. I didn’t want to have ‘Retirement’ on the card/booklet so I chose ‘Delight in Life’ in it’s place … reads more ‘exciting’ and less ‘aging’ (kinda thing).
PS: NO work tomorrow ... life is good (for the next two weaks at least!)

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Jen Crossley said...

Your card is just beautiful Eva,glad you had such a great day with your friend.