Sunday, June 15, 2008

Busy/Busy Week ...

Well my week has definitely been an interesting one to say the least but has ended up being a delightful one in comparison to the ‘challenges’ I had to deal with earlier in the week.

Saturday morning I caught up with Bevlea to ‘view’ a possible venue for a ‘particular coming event’ (more details on on Bev’s Blog @ Raced home from that to start preparing for my evening visitors (three couples - dear friends from up on the mountain where I once lived - plus me) … a social card night that we’ve been doing for many years. It’s basically an excuse to get together and have a good feed and lots of laughs - which we did!

Re: Today … I just ‘chilled’ in the morning and in the afternoon I went to my gorgeous daughter’s to have a Mother/Daughter day - just vegging and yapping while watching DVD’s - it was just wonderful, her and I having a girly afternoon.

Creative wise … well … I’ve made a positive start on the Paper Queens Jigsaw project ... finally! Not completed but it’s all ready to go when I have a decent stretch of time to ‘piece together’.

Above is something I did way back in April for VicStampers - it was an Inchies Tile Swap ... they were actually 1 ¼” Inchies - go figure? lol Fun to do and a challenge to work within that size. ‘Gone Loopy’ is what I named this tile.

PS: Two more weeks then school holidays! *yay*

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