Saturday, April 18, 2009

Christmas in April!? Thank YOU Kelsey O’!

Well … have I hit the jackpot this week! Not only did I get a wonderful surprise in the mail this week from the lovely DJ Pettitt but I also got another surprise in my letterbox from the very amazing Kelsey O’. And talk about two opposite ends of the pole re: ‘style’ - I had to laugh but I love them both. Fortunately my taste in art (as with my music) is so eclectic!

Thank you Kelsey … I’ll treasure it … and remind me to tell you about the ‘gift’ my parents gave me a few years back … so ‘apt’ with what you sent. Or … next time you talk with Jenny C. ask her about my ‘special’ gift … she was truly amazed and had a good laugh over it. I sometimes wonder if I’m adopted … *really I do* (lol).

Above is Kelsey’s wonderful gift (ATC) - and if you can’t manage to read what’s on the top - it reads: ‘Rest in Peat’ (lol). I have it displayed on my fridge as Kelsey put a magnet on the back. I’m waiting for a comment or two from those who notice as they pass … lol.


kelsey said...

I'm so glad you like it Eva! It's a combo of some of my favourite things....Golden Nickel Azo Gold paint, resin fresco technique, black texture paste, Treasure Pewter, gravestone stamps and a spooky image. You're very welcome by the way. ;-)

Lady Di said...

I also have a Kelsey original in my collection and I treasure it as I know you will treasure this gorgeous piece of art. I must get some of that Nickel Azo paint ... it's very popular and looks awesome.

Dot said...

Hi Eva

It was great to see you again at Ro's class. You are good fun and I love your quirky sense of humour ( good to meet someone who is warped like me he heh)..

Thanks for sharing your ' real estate' story with us too (I laugh every time I think of that).

Your ATC from Kelsey is stunning. I am a big fan of Kelsey ad her work and know her ATC's are works of art.

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday too!

Am off to check out the post below this one and see what the gorgeous DJ sent you.

Have a good week and stay warm!

Dot :)