Monday, April 27, 2009


Yet another fabulous treat I’ve had this month … I don’t think I want April 2009 to ever end! On Saturday I did a Vintage Book Workshop with the very delightful and very lovely Ro Bruhn and what a great day to be had! Fabulous class, amazing tutor, great bunch of girls and food to die for (compliments of Ro’s husband-come chef, Steve - lol) … we were sooooooo spoilt - big time! I’d highly recommend that if ever you get an opportunity to do a workshop with Ro - don’t hesitate! She’s very giving of her talent and patient with those (ie: me) who procrastinate … lol.

I’ve read books about creating this type of book and it was one of those things (well - one of the many things) I kept saying “I’ll do it … next weekend” - but in reality it never happens … something else always pops up … excuses - excuses, I know! So it seems to me ... I need to do more workshops … it’s the only way I actually get to ‘make and create’! Not only did I achieve but I gained confidence too - thank you Ro!

Above is a group shot of all who went.
Sitting (L to R): Rita - Me - Mandy
Standing (L to R): Deb - Claudia - Jackie - Dot - Sam and our ‘guiding light’, Ro!

Below is sample pic of my work ‘in progress’ … lol.


Ro Bruhn said...

Wow thanks for the rap Eva. I'm so glad you enjoyed the class. I didn't know you had a blog, I'll have to visit and see what you're up to. I thoroughly enjoyed the class, you were all a great group of students. Thanks so much for attending. Catch up soon.
I found that wire in the Moorabbin Bunnings today too, it must beus females who are creating the demand, they never used to have it.

Jacky said...

Hey there Eva... my first visit to your blog (found it through Dots link).
Great post and yes I must agree...great workshop with Ro. Your page looks great!
I took a nice photo of you, Dot and Deb. Feel free to copy it from my blog if you like or I can send it to you. Fun day with fun people.
Now that I have found you, will be back to check up on you...see that you're not procrastinating too much.

Jacky xox

Linda said...

Beautiful Blog full of wonders.

drmarty62 said...

Hi Eva
I have given you an award.
See my blog for details. Hope you accept it.