Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thank you to DJ ... My gift!

Well … what a surprise at my door yesterday when I got home from being out socializing (again). A parcel from the very lovely DJ Pettitt … a beautiful piece art made by her very own hands, some assorted prints and some ephemera to boot! How fortunate am I - not only having her as an ‘Honorary Aussie’ friend but to have a piece of her work also!

Above is a scan of the centre panel as it was way too big to fit on my scanner to scan the entire piece. Sadly, it’s a poor scan and does not do it justice - at all. I tried multiple times to get a ‘crisp’ image but because of the ‘lumps and bumps’ of the raised lace and the like it wouldn’t sit flush and scan ‘proper’. The words below the trees read: ‘Growing with strong roots’.

Tomorrows mission is to go to the framing store and organise for it to be framed (obviously - lol). I also want a perspex back to it - as she wrote a lovely message that I don’t want ‘forever hidden’ - even if it won’t be ‘on display’ to others.

Thank you to the very dear DJ … I’m so grateful and appreciative of her very generous gift! Honoured too!


drmarty62 said...

How beautiful Eva, and what a privilege.

Lucy said...

DJ's gift to you is indeed beautiful Eva. Also shows what a giving artist she is inside & out.
Hugs Lucy

Lady Di said...

What a gorgeous gift Eva and well deserved.

Dot said...

DJ was such a delight in person and I am sure you will treasure this wonderful piece of art.

And I am sure she loved the time she spent with you too!